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Hubbing                                                                                  Corporate Profile
at Your
Service                                                                                  StarHub is Singapore’s
In an increasingly competitive landscape,                                                info-communications
StarHub remains committed to investing                                                   company, offering
in service innovation and excellence.                                                    a full range
By enhancing customer service initiatives                                                of information,
across multiple touch points, including                                                  communications
digital, homes, offices and in-store, we                                                 and entertainment
continue to strengthen our value proposition                                             services for both
through a seamless customer experience.                                                  consumer and
Our ability to excel in service is a competitive                                         corporate markets.
advantage for our business and differentiates
our brand. It helps us attract and retain                                                Vision
customers from all market segments and also
serves to engage and motivate our people.                                                To be Singapore’s
From our customers, our employees, our                                                   first choice
business partners to our investors, StarHub                                              for information,
remains dedicated to serving your needs.                                                 communications
                                                                                         and entertainment
View our                                                                                 services.
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2016 Annual Report
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                                                                                         business in Singapore
                                                                                         with world-class
                                                                                         multimedia services
                                                                                         and content.

                                                                                         Core Values

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